In Porto Santo, vines are helping to save the dunes

The Life Dunes project aims to reconstitute the original morphology of the Porto Santo beach dune cordon and, in the process, to increase knowledge and raise awareness among the population.

The project, which started at the end of 2020, encompasses several actions. The most visible one is the recovery and construction of the characteristic crochet …


Madeira is an example in ocean conservation

The Secretary of State for the Sea highlights that Portugal is at the forefront in the field of marine protected areas with the “Selvagens” Islands.

José Maria Costa, stated that the classification, 50 years ago, of the “Selvagens” Islands as a marine protected area represents a “great step and a good example”, placing Portugal in …


Porto Santo has been using sea water for consumption for 40 years

In Porto Santo, all drinking water comes from the sea and is collected in four galleries built under the beach.

The process consists in collecting salt water through four galleries located on the Porto Santo beach, which is then treated, mineralised and distributed to the public network.

This process, which has been used in the …

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Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira reinforces sustainable bet in Porto Santo

Empresa de Cervejas da Madeira has made an investment in the Porto Santo market by placing an appropriate machine for the return of its glass bottles.

Each time the consumer deposits empty glass bottles in the machine they will be saving, as the value of the deposit paid at the time of purchase will be …


Madeira presents the “Selvagens” Islands as a “Best Practice”.

The recent enlargement of the area of the “Selvagens” reserve and its full protection status will be presented at the United Nations Oceans Conference in Lisbon as a “best Practice” of nature conservation policies.

The new legal regime for the “Selvagens”, a Madeira sub-archipelago located about 300 kilometres south of Funchal, was approved in February …


Madeira Island receives the project “Biosphere Reserves: Sustainable Territories, Resilient Communities”

The municipality of Santana, on the island of Madeira, receives as from January 31, 2022, several initiatives such as from collecting memories of the population that lives in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, as well as awareness-raising action and workshop – within the scope of the project “Biosphere Reserves: Sustainable Territories, Resilient Communities”.

The project’s main …