Innovative Projects


European award “Civitas Destinations” assign to Funchal

The Sustainable Mobility project implemented by Funchal City Hall, was distinguished by the European Commission with the CIVITAS AWARD LEGACY 2020 award, for its Urban Mobility Strategy.

The project has transformed the city of Funchal, in the past few years into a Municipality of excellence in the areas of mobility, territorial cohesion and technological innovation.

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Porto Santo Without Marine Waste

“Porto Santo Without Marine Waste”, is an initiative held in Porto Santo Island that aims to appeal to residents and visitors to help protect the biodiversity of the island, reducing plastic waste. The aim is to make everyone on the island aware of the need to think about what they bring in, consume and …


Madeira Circular Platform

Madeira Circular Agenda was developed with the aim of accelerating the transition of the Autonomous Region of Madeira towards a Circular Economy.

The Madeira Circular Platform is part of one of the measures proposed by this Agenda and constitutes itself as an aggregating forum of the main agents for the circular economy, including civil society, …


Calheta Reversible Hydro Power Station

Em 2021, 33% da energia elétrica produzida na região foi proveniente de fontes renováveis. Nos próximos anos os valores irão aproximar-se dos 50%, de acordo com o Plano de Ação para Energia Sustentável e Clima 2030-50.

In this context we highlight the installation of the Calheta Reversible Hydro Power Station, a unit that includes the …